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Mon Jan 3 17:18:06 UTC 2005

Good Day,

 My name is Steven Mbatha Moi, brother to former president Daniel Arap Moi
of Kenya who ruled Kenya for over two decades and was defeated in an
election which saw him hand over power to the opposition Rainbow Coalition
in Kenya.

 During my brother`s over two decades rule in Kenya, a lot of backdoor
business transactions were carried out by government officials, close
associates and relatives of family members which saw billions of United
States Dollars siphoned to foreign countries. During which time there was
massive over inflation of government contracts, favouritism and kick-backs.

 Prominent among these was the GOLDENBERG scandal and investigations that
have followed after president Arap Moi handed over power, for which the
presidents former head of cabinet, Mr. Philip Mbithi has already confessed
to wrong doings. For more information about the scandals, you can check the
following web links:

 During this period, my brother sent out hundreds of millions of dollars to
accounts in Europe and across Africa. These accounts have however been
frozen by the new government while my uncle is currently facing an
Anti-Corruption tribunal set up by the government. During his last days in
office, he secretly moved the sum of USD$375M (Three hundred and seventy
five million untied states dollars) to Europe. This sum was deposited in a
numbered account in a bank in Europe. 

My brother could no longer go for the claim because of the current
investigation going on coupled with the fact that his assets/accounts have
been frozen by the government, he has however delegated me to seek for a
reliable foreigner through whom we can get the funds released and invested
immediately through a proxy in MALAYSIA. This is the main reason for my
contacting you.

 You may kindly respond to me through my confidential email:
 (stevebathamoi at with the following information:
  as soon as you receive this proposal so that I can give you a
comprehensive breakdown of how this is to be done.

 Thanking you in anticipation of your response and co-operation.
 Happy New Year!

 Steven .M. Moi

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