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customer at customer at
Sat Jul 30 15:23:21 UTC 2005

[1]Dear People's Bank Client,

For your security, the profile that you are using to access People's Bank 
Online Banking has been locked because of too many failed login attempts.
Youcan unlock
this profile online by selecting an option below:

Unlock your profile with: My ATM/Visa Check Card number and PIN.[2] Other
personal information (Social Security Number, Account #, etc)[3] E-mail

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

People's Bank  Account Review Department.

We are requesting this information to verify and protect your identity. This
is in order
to prevent the use of the U.S. banking system in terrorist and other illegal

Need help? Use "Site Helper" or call customer service at 1.800.788.7000.

Please do not "Reply" to this Alert.

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