innd on AIX

Carlos Robinson carlos at
Tue May 17 18:49:13 UTC 2005

While trying to compile inn-2.4.2 on aix_5.3.2 with
gcc-3.4.3, I get the following errors:


ranlib libinnhist.a
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/history'
cd innd      && make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/innd'
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o art.o art.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o cc.o cc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o chan.o chan.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o icd.o icd.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o innd.o innd.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o keywords.o keywords.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o lc.o lc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o nc.o nc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o newsfeeds.o newsfeeds.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o ng.o ng.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include    -D_ALL_SOURCE -D_ANSI_C_SOURCE -D_POSIX_SOURCE -qmaxmem=16384 -qnoansialias -DUSE_NATIVE_DLOPEN -I/usr/local/include -q32 -qlonglong  -I/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/aix/CORE -c perl.c
gcc: unrecognized option `-qmaxmem=16384'
gcc: unrecognized option `-qnoansialias'
gcc: unrecognized option `-q32'
gcc: unrecognized option `-qlonglong'
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o proc.o proc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include     -c python.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o rc.o rc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o site.o site.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o status.o status.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o tcl.o tcl.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o util.o util.c
gcc -g -O2 -I../include      -c -o wip.o wip.c
gcc   -o innd art.o cc.o chan.o icd.o innd.o keywords.o lc.o nc.o newsfeeds.o ng.o perl.o proc.o python.o rc.o site.o status.o tcl.o util.o wip.o /usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/storage/libstorage.a /usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/history/libinnhist.a /usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/lib/libinn.a  /usr/local/src/inn-2.4.2/lib/perl.o -bE:/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/aix/CORE/perl.exp  -brtl -L/usr/local/lib -b32 /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/aix/auto/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.a -L/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/aix/CORE -lperl -lbind -lnsl -ldl -lld -lm -lcrypt -lbsd -lPW    
gcc: `-b' must come at the start of the command line
make: *** [innd] Error 1

# oslevel -r
# cat /etc/motd
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
*  Welcome to AIX Version 5.3!                                                *
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
*  Please see the README file in /usr/lpp/bos for information pertinent to    *
*  this release of the AIX Operating System.                                  *
*                                                                             *
*                                                                             *
# gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc/powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0/3.4.3/specs
Configured with: ../gcc-3.4.3/configure --disable-nls --disable-aix64
Thread model: aix
gcc version 3.4.3

./configure --with-perl --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail \

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