bug in authprogs/radius

Erik Klavon erik at eriq.org
Fri Apr 13 21:17:36 UTC 2007


The radius authentication program in inn-2.4.3 works fine for me on
FreeBSD with a single radius server in the configuration file. When I
add a second radius server, the program segfaults. I tracked down the
source of the problem to a lack of initialization after a malloc. A
diff of the fix follows.


diff -u radius.c radius.c.new
--- radius.c    Fri Apr 13 14:04:43 2007
+++ radius.c.new        Fri Apr 13 14:05:42 2007
@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@
   rad_config_t *new;
   new = xmalloc(sizeof(rad_config_t));
+  memset(new, '\0', sizeof(rad_config_t));
   new->next = NULL;
   return new;

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