Actsync documentation and features

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Apr 14 09:06:09 UTC 2007


Here are some corrections to actsync documentation (especially
a typography mistake in « a1K » option, a « ln active active.old »
which I believe should be a « mv », and lots of various corrections):

I removed the « spool » part which is not used in the script:

And some flags were not well documented in:

By the way, one « bug » can easily be fixed:
The timeout for B<ctlinnd> commands is fixed at 30 seconds when running in
C<x> or C<xi> output format.  Perhaps the timeout value should be
controlled via a command line option?

with removing

#define CTLINND_TIME_OUT "-t30"	/* seconds to wait before timeout */

adding a new flag (which letter?) which should also be documented:

int timeout_flag = 30;			/* timeout for ctlinnd */

parsing it with getopt and changing the *three* calls to CTLINND_TIME_OUT
by something like ("-t%d", timeout_flag).



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