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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Apr 14 20:03:44 UTC 2007

En réponse à Jeffrey M. Vinocur :
>> Here are some corrections to actsync documentation
> Hey, thanks!  I can't seem to access the repository right now, but I'll 
> commit once it comes back.

Thanks :)
But please read again what I wrote.  Since I am not an English-native speaker,
I have probably made some mistakes.

By the way, if you want to also commit other corrections I made
(see <> and the « doc » subdirectory),
feel free to do that.  I believe it will lighten all the work Russ plans to do
and allow him to have some rest or to do another things :)

Descriptions of that work can be found in previous messages in <inn-patches at>
and also in « news.softwate.nntp » recently (posted under the pseudo of Iulius).
I am at your disposal if you have any question regarding these files.

> How would you like your name represented in ASCII?

In ASCII, I believe you can just put off the acute accent.  Or you can
also convert it in utf-8 (it is what was done in « CONTRIBUTORS » where there
is my name at the end of the file).

> I think the "ln active active.old" is there on purpose, actually; that way 
> there's never an instant in which there is no active on disk.

All right.
I should have done the test (I thought that after « ln » and the copy of the
new « active » file, « active.old » was also synchronized with the new
« active » file, but that is not the case).  So, no problem.

> Can I ask why you didn't like this part?
> -Care should be taken when producing active(5) formatted output; be sure to
> -check that B<actsync> exited with a zero status prior to using such
> -output.  Also one should realize that such output will not contain lines
> -ignored by the ignore file process even if C<-p 100> is used.

Because it is already written in the previous paragraph (for <-o>).  Moreover,
producing active(5) formatted output (which is the aim of that paragraph)
is linked to <-o> and not <-p>.

>> The timeout for B<ctlinnd> commands is fixed at 30 seconds when running in
>> C<x> or C<xi> output format.  Perhaps the timeout value should be
>> controlled via a command line option?
> This sounds like a good idea.  Maybe -w for "wait before timing out" or 
> something like that.

That is great.

> If you have a second to put it together, that would be great.

I have just updated the documentation:

And made everything in actsync.c:

*except* the concatenation (unfortunately, I do not know C...) so please
change the three « ### "-t" + w_flag ### » with the appropriate thing
(perhaps the itoa function will be of help).



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