[INN] #19: Authenticated Path header support

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Sun Dec 14 06:00:52 UTC 2008

#19: Authenticated Path header support
 Reporter:  eagle        |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new  
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 The new USEPRO draft will recommend that netnews implementations verify
 that the Path header matches the expected path identity of the peer
 sending the article and embed a warning into the Path if not.  Diablo
 already does something like this.

 Attached to this ticket is an implementation from Andrew Gierth that
 doesn't use the same keywords that were finally arrived at for USEPRO, but
 which may be a starting point.

 The patch also has other, unrelated changes which ideally should be split
 out into separate tickets but which I haven't had time to do.  The full
 list of what it does is:

  * merged version of NNTPconnect/NNTPlocalopen/NNTPremoteopen; this allows
 the use of Unix-domain sockets for parameters like nnrpdposthost (I use
 this to put a filter process between nnrpd and innd)

  * patch to the innconfval program to actually recognise the INNCONF

  * a bugfix to control-only feeds (junked non-control articles were being
 fed down control-only feeds)

  * an RChostlabel function (like RChostname). (I use this in other
 modifications, not included here, to make most of the logging that
 previously used the hostname now use the feed label from incoming.conf
 instead, because I want to. perhaps that should be an option?)

  * a few more headers in the header list.

  * changed the HTML status filename to end in .html to keep the webserver

 Many of these changes are already made in CURRENT.

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