[INN] #29: Support installation in FHS paths

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Sun Dec 14 06:44:45 UTC 2008

#29: Support installation in FHS paths
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 INN currently strongly assumes that it owns a directory hierarchy and most
 of its files are relative to that directory hierarchy.  It's possible to
 configure it otherwise, but only with significant path customization in
 inn.conf.  It also doesn't separate the different types of binaries (user
 binaries for bin, system administrator binaries for sbin, and programs
 only run internally by INN for /usr/lib) very well.

 The old installation paths should probably remain for backward
 compatibility, but an --enable-fhs option to configure that puts
 everything in the right place for the FHS would make packaging for FHS-
 compliant distributions much easier.

 Attached is a patch from James Ralston that starts to implement this.
 From his patch explanation in 2001:

  * The configure.in file now supports a --enable-fhs-dirs option, which
 changes the defaults for most of the other directory-related options.
 It's equivalent to specifying about 10 different options manually.
 (Unfortunately, it necessitated abandoning the nice INN_ARG_DIR macro.)
 Use of --enable-fhs-dirs is documented in INSTALL.

  * The directory for nnrpd authorization programs is now a separate
 configure option (--with-auth-dir), with its own corresponding inn.conf
 parameter ("pathauth").  It defaults to $(prefix)/bin/auth if not set,
 which is the exact same place that the auth programs are currently

  * DESTDIR is now properly supported (the existing support was broken in
 several ways).  The "make install" and "make cert" steps properly obey
 DESTDIR.  The use of DESTDIR is now documented in INSTALL.

  * It is no longer a requirement that the installation step be done by the
 superuser, as long as the user executing the install has supplied a
 DESTDIR value that points to a writable directory, *and* the person or
 process performing the install corrects the file ownerships when INN is
 installed on the system on which it's going to run.  Non-root installs are
 now documented in INSTALL.

  * Multiple typos in INSTALL were fixed.

 Things left to do:

  * Make the location of the rnews.libexec subdirectory configurable, the
 same as auth-dir / pathauth.

  * When the --enable-fhs-dirs option is given, only shared/static
 libraries should be placed into libdir; relocate everything else to
 appropriate directories.

  * Figure out what to do about --bindir, --sbindir, and --mandir.  Should
 we use them (probably in a way not intended by configure), or create new
 options?  Both approaches have disadvantages.

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