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#50: UUCP documentation
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 We should have documentation of how UUCP article feeds work and exactly
 what's needed to set it up and make it work.  Here are some old notes from
 Andrew Gierth and Olaf Titz.

 To be precise, the feeding site batches up articles from a feed (using
 `batcher`), and sends them via uucp by invoking (e.g. via the -p option of
 batcher) a command of the form:

 uux - [other options] sitename!rnews

 which means "invoke the command 'rnews' on host 'sitename', using standard
 input from the uux command".

 (The example given in the batcher manpage is to use:

 (echo '#! cunbatch'; exec compress) | uux - -r -z %s!rnews

 as a -p option to batcher; this compresses the batch first.)

 The receiving site shouldn't need to do anything other than ensure that
 rnews is permitted to the sending site, and that uucp is otherwise
 working, which means, at least for recent INN versions, make sure that:

  * you have a symlink of ~news/bin/rnews to /bin (so uuxqt finds it)
  * rnews is installed setgid news and executable for the uucp user

 This is not done automatically, the set[ug]id thing has to be enabled in
 configure now.

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