[INN] #59: Support binary articles

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Sun Dec 14 09:16:07 UTC 2008

#59: Support binary articles
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 INN currently will not accept messages that contain embedded nul
 characters.  NNTP currently does not support raw binary articles, due
 primarily to the requirement that all articles end in \r\n.\r\n with the
 first \r\n considered to be part of the article and not part of the

 Supporting binary articles would allow much more efficient transmission of
 some data types.  The path would be through an NNTP extension.  Clive
 Feather's suggestion is:

  * ARTICLE etc. have an extra parameter BINARY saying that binary is
 understood, combined with new responses (260/261/262) where the length
 comes before any other parameter

  * POST, IHAVE etc. have an extra parameter BINARY saying that they want
 to send a binary article, combined with new responses (360/365) to say
 that a binary article may be sent.

 (All the binary responses have 6 as the second digit instead of what it
 would have been. Alternatively the last digit could be fiddled with.)

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