[INN] #76: innd doesn't honor DNS TTLs

INN rra at stanford.edu
Sun Dec 14 10:15:16 UTC 2008

#76: innd doesn't honor DNS TTLs
 Reporter:  eagle   |       Owner:  eagle
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 A long-standing problem with innd is that it stores the DNS lookup results
 for everything in incoming.conf when it starts up and then never rechecks
 DNS.  Most sites periodically reload incoming.conf to work around this,
 but it still breaks the DNS requirement to honor TTL.

 Unfortunately, there's no way to do asynchronous DNS lookups using the
 getaddrinfo() interface, which is required to support /etc/hosts and other
 non-DNS sources of IP information, and we can't do the blocking calls
 since they can block for a long time.

 That leaves, as a solution, doing DNS resolution in a child process and
 then asynchronously filling in the results.  This will require putting
 incoming connections to sleep until the DNS resolution finishes, and then
 waking them up to do permission checking.

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