[INN] #86: Support throttling control message processing

INN rra at stanford.edu
Mon Dec 15 00:52:52 UTC 2008

#86: Support throttling control message processing
 Reporter:  eagle      |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  low        |   Milestone:       
Component:  utilities  |     Version:       
 Severity:  normal     |    Keywords:       
 This doesn't seem to have been a problem recently as much, but when there
 are a lot of control messages, INN's behavior is less than ideal.  Each
 processed control message causes all feeds to be closed and reopened,
 which often leaves orphaned innfeed spools since innfeed's lock management
 doesn't handle the case well.

 This is a patch from F. Senault <fred at lacave.net> that makes controlchan
 batch changes and, if too many come in during a short period, will
 throttle innd before making all the changes at once.  This forces all
 feeds to only be closed and reopened once.

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