[INN] #88: Enhanced ACL and user management

INN rra at stanford.edu
Mon Dec 15 01:01:28 UTC 2008

#88: Enhanced ACL and user management
 Reporter:  eagle        |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  low          |   Milestone:       
Component:  nnrpd        |     Version:       
 Severity:  wishlist     |    Keywords:       
 At [http://hack.org/mc/hacks/index.html hack.org] is a modified version of
 INN to "support Access Control Lists for newsgroups on a per user level
 and to use Berkeley DB for user administration. It also contains From line
 rewriting on postings with the address taken from the authenticated user."

 Possibly something that we should incorporate.

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