[INN] #26: innfeed error 500 handler

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Thu Dec 25 19:34:12 UTC 2008

#26: innfeed error 500 handler
 Reporter:  eagle       |        Owner:  eagle
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  new  
 Priority:  low         |    Milestone:       
Component:  innfeed     |      Version:       
 Severity:  minor       |   Resolution:       
 Keywords:  compliance  |  
Changes (by iulius):

  * keywords:  => compliance


 Maybe innfeed should not try to propagate such messages (and innd should
 not have accepted them -- even after TAKETHIS) because the message-ID is
 not valid.

 USEPRO states:

    The msg-id MUST NOT be more than 250 octets in length.

       NOTE: The length restriction ensures that systems that accept
 message identifiers as a parameter when referencing an article (e.g.
 [RFC3977]) can rely on a bounded length.

 RFC 3977 states:

    o  A message-id MUST begin with "<", end with ">", and MUST NOT contain
 the latter except at the end.

    o  A message-id MUST be between 3 and 250 octets in length.

    o  A message-id MUST NOT contain octets other than printable US-ASCII

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