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#112: XPAT documentation
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Comment(by iulius):

 According to Russ Allbery in an [http://lists.eyrie.org/pipermail/ietf-
 nntp/2008-September/006017.html IETF-NNTP posting]:

 There are two main reasons why we didn't standardize PAT.  The first and
 most serious is whitespace handling in patterns.  Given the way that NNTP
 command parsing works, how would you search for a pattern containing two
 spaces?  And what do the spaces between patterns really mean?

 The second, as you mention below, is the encoding problem, which is very
 hairy and difficult to deal with.

 IMAP has addressed the search problem at some length, and my impression
 was that it wasn't at all simple to deal with.  I'm afraid that doing a
 good job of it is going to require quite a lot of work.

 It would be worthwhile writing up an informational (?) I-D explaining what
 INN actually does with XPAT without trying to change anything about how it
 currently works and specifying an extension name of XPAT rather than a
 standardized one.

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