<Adv> Excellent Seminar Award-Winning Speaker "Bringing Out the Best in People" 17-18 Sep 09

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To All Professionals,

Bringing Out the Best in People
Positive Strategies used by Peak Performers

1 Additional Seat Free for each Participant Registered before 10 Sep 09 

Dr Joel H Muro, Ph.D.;  L.P.C., 

Asst Professor of Counseling & Development
Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas, U.S.A.
Dr Muro is a truly dedicated teacher and researcher in the field of Counseling and Teaching.   
He is also a winner of many Awards “Outstanding Mentor  “Emerging Leader”  and 4 times Winner of “Outstanding Professor”.

Seminar Details

Fee/Date :            $880 per participant      17-18 Sep 09
                             Include: Lunches, Snacks and Seminar Coursebook 

Time/Venue :      9.30am to 5pm,    Venue :  Park Royal Hotel (Behind Mustafa)
1 Add’l Seat Free for each Participant Registered before 10 Sep 09

All Early Birds :    2 Free Talk Tickets (Worth $50 each)  Plus

1 Inspiration CD :  Printer-Ready Posters,  Screensavers Quotes, Articles, Forms, etc.

$30 Book Voucher and  24 A5-Posters for FIRST 20 Paid Registrations Only

Who Should Attend
This unique program is specially designed for ALL Professionals, Department Heads, Administrators, Engineers, Lecturers, Instructors, Teachers, Coaches and Trainers.   This seminar serves to teach anyone, who wishes to positively affect anyone around him;  his colleagues; his family; his colleagues and his audience : powerful practical rapport and relating techniques that work.

About Dr Joel Muro, PhD
When asked how he did win so many award,  even with the youths’ situation today :
            “I believe, above all else, that I will not be able to elicit a change in any person without the establishment of a relationship  I cannot teach a class until the students feel safe with me, and know that I will treat everyone of them with respect and dignity.  I love to laugh, I love to listen, and I love to learn from my students.   In order to be effective, I want to meet my students where they are and try to work with their beliefs and values.   I open my teaching up -- I lecture, but I elicit comments from those who are in class as well.
            I would like for people to know me as one who respects them and LISTENS to them.  I hope to make a difference in people's lives by being an advocate for respect and dignity of all people -- be they 6 or 96.  I want to be seen and upon my death, remembered as a great teacher, one who made the literature and concepts come alive in the classroom as well as in my life.”

 Seminar Topics
q    Working with Adults
q    Working with People you Can’t Stand
q    A look at YOU : Your Own Charisma
q    What do People Really Want
q    Positive Versus Negative Attitudes
q    Co-Dependent Versus Healthy Relationships
q    Steps to Relating and Relationship Building 
q    Encouragement versus Praise
q    Accentuating The Positive :
q    Catch People Doing Things Right
q    Building Rapport :  Feel Good Factor
q    Powerful Conversations with Positive Effects
q    Listening & Questioning Techniques
q    Using Brief Solution-Focused Methods
q    Low Self-Esteem at the Workplace
q    What Healthy Self-Esteem Looks Like
q    How to Sustain Confidence
q   Belief Systems
q    Energy Management to Peak Performance

Best Regards, 
Joanne Ng,   Tel (65) 6546 5801 
United Knowledge Pte Ltd    23 Loyang View.   Singapore 507247
joanne at uknowledge.com

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