lock up reading corrupted active file

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Mon Mar 2 06:49:17 UTC 2009

Hi Homer,

> Running FC3, latest version of inn2.4.5, copied over active from
> another server and innd just lockedup when started, it's there, but not
> allowing connections.
> active file had bad lines in it, I edited them out by hand, and innd worked
> fine.

How could its lines have become bad after a mere copy?
Do you have an example of such bad lines?

> Probably be good to have a line checker in the active read program,
> to just ignore or at least warn on bad lines.

Normally, "inncheck" or "inncheck -pedantic" does that.

> Thanks for all the good work over the years guys, news ain't old yet.

Thanks a lot!

Julien ÉLIE

« L'ordinateur obéit à vos ordres, pas à vos intentions. »

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