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Victoria Ulter victoria at autoemailsystem55.com
Fri Mar 13 18:55:58 UTC 2009

MIB Software:

Hello this is Victoria Ulter touching base with you about our V/MC Processing Suite of Services. We were trying to reach you for quite some time and I wanted to see if we could just send you some information in the mail so you could determine if our services were of need at the moment? The mailing address we have on file is RR 4 in Saylorsburg, PA. If this is still correct please let me know and we'll send you a brochure. 

If you are all set and would like to Opt-Out instead, could you please do me a favor and place your email address of inn-bugs at isc.org in the Subject Line with no additional text, then send it to me so I can remove you? I apologize for this but we really don't have another Opt-Out system at this time. 

{{ Suite Of Services }}

#1.) New - Corporate Group Discount Program

You can join at no cost for our Corporate Group Discount Program which will give you 90% Off an entire host of services from:

>> Office Supplies
>> Shipping Services
>> Printing Services
>> And More

I wanted to email you a Link to our Purchasing Site so you could compare our prices for Office Supplies, Printing Services, Shipping Services, and more to what you are paying currently. Did you want me to forward the information to inn-bugs at isc.org or to another Email Address? 

#2.) Our Main Area- Credit Card Processing Programs

> Best Rates and Fees: Please Note We Do Not Charge PCI Compliance Fees

Discount Rate: 1.39% swiped and 1.79% keyed 
Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified: 2.25%-3.25%
10 cents for Each Transaction
$5 Monthly Statement Fee
No Contracts
24 Hour Funding/Free Online Reporting

> Free Terminals including New Nurit 8400 Landline, New Nurit 8000 Wireless,  Virtual Terminal System, OTI Contactless

#3.) 18% Premium Cashflow Loans and/or Cash Advances, Receive Funding In 48 Hours

#4.) Free New Point-Of-Sale System, A $1,000 Value At No Cost  

#5.) Check Processing Service For Only $1.00 A Transaction, No Discount Rates For Checks

#6.) 100 Free Custom-Designed Gift and Loyalty Cards

#7.) Free ATM Machine Program, You Receive $1.00 Of Each Surcharge Just For Having Our ATM At Your Location

#8.) Fuel and Fleet Programs Including Voyager and Wright Express

#9.) Private Label Credit Cards So You Can Issue Your Own Credit Lines To Customers

#10.) Partnership Opportunities For Banks

Please let me know if your mailing address is still the same to send the brochure and also if this is the correct email address to forward the Link to our Purchasing Site for the Corporate Group Discount Program. 


Vickie Ulter
Business Development/Marketing Assistant

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