Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Corporate Advantage

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 Management Series

 Mastering EQ for Corporate Advantage

 Emotional Intelligence

 Managing emotions and reactions to create a more productive,
cohesive workplace.

 6th & 7th October 2010,

 JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur 

 “Ignoring the power of emotions at work is not only old thinking,

 it is commercially irresponsible” 

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 		 Please find below information on Mastering EQ for Corporate
Advantage "Emotional Intelligence" corporate training scheduled for
this coming October 6th to 7th in JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur. 

 Takeaway benefits of attending this training: 		 
 Understand the role and impact of emotions @ work.
 Lean from the latest research on emotions and neuroscience that
underpin The Almond Effect® and emotional intelligence.
 Recognize the link between emotional competence and dealing with
difficult people, increase your ability to deal with challenging
situations and people.
 Enhance your own emotional fitness & improve your emotional
 Discover how to manage negative emotions, understand the source of
fear, resistance and cynicism, manage the politics of change.
 Learn strategies to maintain self-control and emotional clarity
under stress.
 Gain insight into why people behave and react the way they do and
what to do about it.
 Improve your knowledge, skills and ability to be an effective
manager, team player and to deal with customers.
 Develop techniques for a less stressful, more productive life at
work and in all parts of your life.
 Address the “human side” systematically.
 Prepare for the unexpected.
 Who should attend this training?

 This course is designed for mid-level managers or executives who
lead others with managerial responsibility and personnel with formal
and informal supervisory responsibilities from both private and public
sectors; who want to maximize performance by developing their
interpersonal skills and increase self understanding and emotion -

 Enhance your self-awareness and make emotions work for you to build
more productive relationships professionally and personally.
Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and
actions is crucial to business and personal success. Without such
insights, even seemingly successful relationships may be courting

 This intensive, two-day training incorporates unique insights, tools
and methodologies to help you increase your performance and
productivity through emotional intelligence (EI) and strengthen
interpersonal competencies and develop a flexible response style. 

 Fact :

 Research indicates that Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) – how we
handle ourselves and our relationships – can determine success more
than I.Q. In fact, E.I. may determine as much as 80% of a person's
life success. Cognitive ability or what we call I.Q. is only about
20%. Quality leadership training is a combination of E.I. and
cognitive ability. 

 Why you cannot miss this training? 

 Anne Riches is a masterful teacher drawing on her extensive
corporate and academic experience, Anne opens people up to better
understanding of their own behavior and the impact of their behavior
on others; 

 Using a fun, open and authentic personal style, Anne explains the
why, what and how to change reactions and emotions that can cause
havoc in the workplace (and at home!) This reduces politics, overcomes
resistance to change, improves customer service and enables
organisations to improve their performance and create more enjoyable
work environments. 

 Clients often comment on the manner in which Anne presents this
material; it is her fresh approach, providing a new perspective that
is meaningful and accessible and leads to significant shifts in
behavior and personal effectiveness. This results in an improved work
culture that is more rewarding, happier and productive. 

 How to register

 To register send the completed registration form (last page) and
send it by fax or email the scanned copy. 

 Enjoy early bird and other discounts, details on registration page.
Should you have any queries please feel free to reach me by replying
this email. 

 Download PDF Agenda

 Thank you,

 Noraini Othman

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 Telphone : (+65) 6220 3424
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<mailto:register at for Strategic
Scenario Planning - 6-7 October, JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur>

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