philip moore philipmoore at
Thu Dec 9 15:51:07 UTC 2010

Complement of the season. I’m Sorry to contact you this way since we have never met before. I am Philip Moore, from United States of America.

I really want to get some investment outside USA, based on the advice of friends and associate who invested in other countries. I have lost millions in my shares during last Economic downturn

I don't really know you neither do you know me, but I just want to trust you the same way I trust myself and I believe we can do things together and I guarantee you that you will never regret knowing me. I am opened minded and straightforward.

So, if you have any area of investment that is viable in your country, in terms of generating income, do not hesitate to let me know for my consideration, maybe buying and selling of properties

You won’t need to put in your money, all is mine but the only thing I want from you is guiding me and being in charge of everything. Just tell me your idea via my private email: (philipmoore at

Kindest Regards
Philip Moore

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