[INN] #131: Incomplete history API

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Tue Feb 16 19:44:48 UTC 2010

#131: Incomplete history API
 Reporter:  iulius   |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  low      |   Milestone:       
Component:  history  |     Version:  2.5.1
 Severity:  minor    |    Keywords:       
 Heiko Schlichting wrote in [https://lists.isc.org/pipermail/inn-
 workers/2010-January/017127.html inn-workers]:

 At least the following looks incomplete to me (there is probably more):

 - documentation: history(5) should mention that this is hisv6 only. It
 would be more consistent to name this manpage hisv6(5) but as the data are
 stored in a file named "history", renaming the manpage might be too
 confusing. History API is documentated in libinnhist(3).

 - Some history related things are hard coded into INN avoiding History
   E.g., innd.c:

     i = dbzneedfilecount();
     if (!fdreserve(3 + i)) { /* TEMPORARYOPEN, history stats, INND_HISTORY
 and i */

 - Creating a dbz-free history is difficult as makedbz and such things are
 called during expire without asking History API. All dbz related things
 should be moved into hisv6 source directory and should be started via
 History API or should check if "hismethod" is "hisv6" .

 - "prunehistory" changes history as external program. It would much
 cleaner to define a "delhistory" command in ctlinnd analog to "addhistory"
 which already exists. BTW: I expect that using unehistory during expire is
 running might undo the pruning.

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