How to MASTER the art and science of selling!

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What 'Secrets' Enable Some Sales People
To CONSISTENTLY Perform And Achieve
Their Sales Targets?

<Only 11 seats left for this training. Register immediately!>

The Answer? MASTERING Best Sales Practices!

What are the secrets top sales performers developed
and secretly kept away from other sales people?
After studying thousands of sales performers, we have
structured their secrets into... MASTER.

MASTER is an acronym for:

M:eet People
A:sk Questions
S:ell Benefits
T:ackle Objections
E:ncourage To Them
R:elationship Building

In M:eeting people stage, performers MASTERED 3 competencies;
Preparation, prospecting and positioning. A:sk Questions is
about questioning skills used to create need or strengthen need.
Persuade and present is what S:ell Benefits is all about.
T:ackle Objections cover handling tough objections and also
negotiation. Closing is E:ncourage To B-u-y. Last but not least,
R:elationship Building covers follow-up and service skills.

>> How well have you MASTERED all the best sales practices?

In these 3 training days you will learn:

+ How to MASTER the art and science of selling.
+ How to shorten your selling c-y-c-l-e.
+ How to put together a proven selling system to guide you to sales
+ How to use practical prospecting tactics to fill your pipeline.
+ How to d.i.s.c.o.v.e.r. real buyer needs before presenting solutions.
+ How to create value instead of selling price.
+ How to truly differentiate yourselves from your competitors.
+ How to sell at a higher price and get better margins.
+ How to gain higher levels of presentation and persuasion power.
+ How to t:a:c:k:l:e tough objections using the A1,A2,A3,A4 method.
+ How to encourage buyers to b-u-y.
+ How to follow-up powerfully and build real business relationships.

Here are the dates:

Sales Ninja MASTER: July 27, 28 & 29 2010
It will be held at Grand Dorsett Subang (formerly Sheraton Subang)

Seats are LIMITED.
(needless to say, first come first serve only)

As this training is always full, register immediately
to gain practical sales ideas to grow your sales.

<Only 11 seats left for this training. Register immediately!>

Full details of Sales Ninja Master can be viewed on our website:

We look forward to have you or your sales team at Sales Ninja MASTER!

Sales Ninja TEAM


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