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Orby Kelley ogkelley at eta--refunds.info
Mon May 3 13:16:38 UTC 2010

How often are your UPS and FedEx shipments late? Over $2 billion in UPS/FedEx 
guaranteed service refunds go uncollected annually. The reasons are simple: identifying 
late deliveries and acquiring refunds is not easy, and you only have a few days to submit a claim. 
Electronic Tracking and Auditing (ETA) can save you money by recovering refunds 
on your behalf. Our business proposition is simple and straightforward:
* We track all UPS and FedEx shipments on behalf of your company
* We identify late deliveries and recover refunds for you
* Our tracking service has no cost - we only bill for half of any refunds we recover (no refund, no charge)
* We use our computers and software eliminating security risks to your systems
* There is no contract, set-up or maintenance fee
Signing up only takes a few minutes and there is no need for your shipping staff 
to alter any existing processes. Refunds appear on your regular UPS or FedEx bill.
My direct line is 800-929-5474 ext. 8888. For more info visit our website at 
http://cli.gs/ETA-info. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Orby Kelley
Vice President
Electronic Tracking and Auditing (ETA)
7008 Willow Run Drive
Dublin, OH  43017
800-929-5474 ext.8888

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