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  Investment Mastery
The Only Results Based Stocks & Options Coaching Programme
 Dear  ,

Hi, my name is Terrence  Tan and I am a full time Stocks & Options
trader & coach. I have been helping people just like  you discover how
to use technicalities built into the system to make  thousands of dollars
in additional income  for three and a half years. 

I was a specialist  derivatives trader for a boutique investment fund for 2
years and have managed  funds of up to USD500,000. I have coached and
trained DBS Bank in Singapore and  was appointed as a lecturer in the
Wealth Management program with Entreprenuer  Resource Centre in Singapore.

I have more than 10  years trading experience and currently I am a full
time trader and have set up  an investment firm in Singapore overseeing
multiple managed accounts and helping  my clients achieve 30% returns

I will reveal in my seminar what techniques and strategies that are used by
professional traders in making money from the stocks & options market.
I have now simplified these techniques & strategies for the common
person to relate to in my Investment Mastery Programme, this is the Only
Results Based Stocks & Options Coaching Programme.

I would like to extend a  personal invitation to you to come and see for
yourself just how different we are at one of our upcoming Investment
Mastery Seminars listed belowand discover how my trading strategies and my
coaching has helped others start building wealth without spending money on
risky  investments and building a passive income stream through stocks
& options trading.

Yours sincerely

Terrence Tan
Master Trainer & Coach  

 Upcoming Investment Mastery Seminars

Comments from
some of our past participants

"Terrence, you'll never understand what a  difference your workshop &
coaching has made in my family's personal  finances.  I just got off the
phone with my broker and  found $780 that wasn't there yesterday, and I'm
doing it all over again  tomorrow. You've changed our lives!"- Abdul, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia

"I can't believe making a passive income stream  is so easy! Now, me and
the wife are leaving for Hawaii in two days,  and I thought I would have to
save until next year for this trip! And  it's all thanks to you,
Terrence!"- Mike K, Sydney

1. Online Reservation CLICK HERE

2. Call Mr.Benny @ +65.6883.2181

3. SMS Your Name & Date to +65.8188.0210

4. Email to investmentmastery at
[mailto:investmentmastery at]
with your Name, Contact & Date and we will call you
back on your reservation.

MasteryAsia (S) Pte Ltd
420 North Bridge Road
#04-07 North Bridge Centre
Singapore 188727
                             Tel : +65.6883.2181


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