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Mon Nov 22 04:48:01 UTC 2010


I represent an investor from Belgium with strong capacity to invest in mega projects ranging from €5M to €500M.We want to explore areas such as: Construction, Refinery, Mining, Factory, Alternative Energy, and Energy Projects and in other types of projects on an ad-hoc case to case basis.Please take note that I will like to direct my investor to contact you directly for easy communication and I will also contact you as well, for more information and further discussions.

 Note: we also give loan for LTD Companies, Private and Individual that need mega money to invest.

 Please kindly include your contact details such as Full name and Phone number, age , also tell us more about your business and how much you want from our Client  to invest? before involvement of fund we most meet face to face for meeting.

Mr. George Sarens
E_mail: globalfab at

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