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			Local Automation is the premier online marketplace for researching automation technologies and suppliers.  It's also the easiest way to stay connected to a global network of automation professionals!

			Products - Custom Machines - Manufacturers - Distributors - Integrators - Events - Discussions - Chat

          Local Automation - You're Invited

					You're invited to join - a revolutionary online marketplace which is bringing together a global network of automation professionals by providing powerful tools to buyers, suppliers, and everyone in between!

					If you're looking for new products, press releases, manufacturers, distributors, integrators, training classes, job openings, discussion forums, live chat and more... this is the place to find them!
 is a free, fully-automated website.   What does that mean?   


				Once you open an account, you can do everything on your own, including...


			Personal Accounts
			Personal accounts are designed for automation professionals who want to network with other members, research products, research suppliers, browse job openings, submit projects for competitive bidding, and more!
				Create a Personal Profile
				Upload your biography, work history, and a headshot (if desired).   You never know when the next recruiter may stop by!

				Network with Other Automation Professionals
				Build your network of contacts and get answers to your automation questions by engaging in online discussions and live chats with members from around the world!
				Find Products
				Browse through the latest automation products which have been uploaded by our "business account" members.   If you see something that you like, you can immediately contact the member who posted it.

				Submit Projects for Competitive Bidding
				Post projects and receive competitive bids from other members.   There is simply no better way to ensure that you are using the best technologies... from reputable suppliers... at reasonable prices!

				Find Suppliers
				Find your next supplier by browsing through our comprehensive directories of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and custom machine builders.

				Browse Upcoming Events in Your Area
				Expand your knowledge and automation skills by attending a training event in your area!   Events are automatically sorted by geography to ensure that local events never get lost in the shuffle.

				Find Your Next Automation Job
				Browse through our comprehensive list of jobs openings.   Businesses can post job openings for free, which means that every automation job will eventually end up here!
			Business Accounts
			Business accounts are designed for manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and custom machine builders who want to advertise their products, issue press releases, bid on projects, post upcoming events, and more!   Note: all business accounts receive a personal account, as well.
				Create a Business Profile
				Upload a description of your business, your company logo, your contact information, a list of your employees, and more!
				Advertise Your Products and Custom Machinery
				Post an unlimited number of products in our product directory or custom machines in our custom machines and systems directory!
				Link Your Profile to Your Business Partners
				Manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and custom machine builders can link their business profiles to the profiles of other businesses (i.e. their business partners) in order to mutually benefit all parties.

				Issue Press Releases
				Post an unlimited number of press releases for inclusion on our homepage, in our weekly newsletter, and in our press directory.

				Bid on Projects Out for Bidding™
				Review and bid on automation projects which have been submitted by customers from all over the world!

				Post Job Openings
				Post an unlimited number of job openings - for free!   Each job will be included in our job directory and our weekly newsletter.   Each job will remain active on our website until the position is filled!

				Advertise Your Upcoming Events
				Post your upcoming events for inclusion in our event directory and our weekly newsletter.   All events are automatically sorted by geography to ensure that your events get seen by a local audience!

          Why Join?

			If you purchase automation products or systems, it can be extremely difficult to verify that you're using the best technologies... from the best suppliers... at a reasonable price.
			If you sell automation products or systems, it can be just as difficult to build local awareness of your products and services.
	 brings together these two groups by offering powerful features to both... and in doing so, creating the world's most efficient automation marketplace.

			Automation professionals join because they're interested in networking with other professionals, researching solutions to their automation problems, receiving timely updates on the latest technologies, browsing job openings, viewing and registering for upcoming events, and much more!

          Why is free?


 is supported by paid advertisements which run in our weekly newsletter.   

         	Each week, our newsletter delivers timely updates to thousands of automation professionals around the world.   The newsletter includes a summary of new products, press releases, job openings, and other content which have been posted to our site during the previous week.			
         	To include your information in the next newsletter, simply open an account!			

          Automation Events Near You

          All of the events listed below are occurring within the next three months and are automatically sorted by distance from your location.  If you want to change your location, you can click here.  
          If you change your location, you can refresh your newsletter (i.e. 
          close and re-open your e-mail), and the list should update!

          Simply post your events on, and they'll automatically be included in our newsletters from now on.  There is simply no better way to reach a local audience of automation professionals... and after all, a local audience is the only audience that can actually attend your events!


          Thank You!

          Thank you for reading our invitation, and we hope to see you soon on!  Good luck in 2010!




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