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Tue Apr 12 10:55:27 UTC 2011

Dear Reader,

Ever felt totally overwhelmed with your job responsibilities, home duties,
and everything in between?

Ever had the experience of glancing at the clock, only to realize that an
entire day is gone and nothing much is done?

Been exposed to a few time management tools but can’t seem to find one
that really works for you, and that makes you feel just more hopeless than

If your answer is “yes” to one (or more) of the questions above, you
are not alone. Day in, day out, we hear stories about children and spousal
abuses, accidents that are results of bad emotional states, or even
attempts to commit suicide! These are just what normal people like you and
me would do when our stress level is totally maxed out. The question is,
are you going to wait till you reach that tipping point before you seek for
a solution?

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have time just for yourself, at the end of each
day, and at the end of each week, do to the things you really want to do?
It can be that blockbuster movie you had been holding off watching, or the
park rides that you have promised your child, or simply just some “me”
time. I think we all deserve that, don’t we? Is that too much to ask for?
Yet, are you getting enough of that “me” time?

Let’s face 3 facts here.

1. Everyone has 24 hours in a day.
Still, some lived mediocre lives with that allocated time, while others go
out and achieve something. That boils down to purpose and priorities.

2. Where there is a will, there is a way.
I’m not talking about attempting the impossible here. If someone else
can do it, why not you? That is essentially looking at what techniques
people are using that have created results for them. The very same results
you want for yourself.

3. You are smart enough to know what works for you.
We don’t need others to tell us how to manage our time; given the right
information and the right tools, you can create a method that you can call

F.O.C.U.S.E.D. is your answer. This highly interactive training workshop
teaches priority and time management with a very important objective in
mind – you. Discover yourself – your strengths, shortcomings,
opportunities, and limitations – and what really makes you “tick” and
“fire up”. Adopt some success principles (you even get to choose which
ones to take in, and which to put aside) that has worked for millions all
over. Know the most effective time and priority management tools that are
available in the market, and pick one that is comfortable for you, that
works for you.

Got that hair-pulling moments are work, and feel that you’re just a
volcano waiting to erupt? Learn state management techniques that you can do
under one minute! Create a personal space for yourself – where ever you
are – for you to take a step back to calm yourself, and to think better.

Best part, remember those tasks that you can just easily delegate to your
peers and subordinates, but don’t want to feel guilty or bad to give them
more work? Or the “no, I don’t think I can do that right now, boss”
that you never got to say, when assigned duties that you know is way above
your workload? Come and learn how to say “no”, and still have people
loving you for it, and how to empower your staff and for them to willingly
help you lighten your load.

A quick view of the logistics:
Date: Tuesday, 10th and Wednesday, 11th May 2011
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: Uptown Conference Centre, PJ (Click here for map -
Here’s the link to get more info about the workshop -->

The normal price of the program, which includes your workbook, meals, and
certificate, is RM2000 per person. But, sign up before 19th April 2011, and
you get to enjoy the special early bird price of only RM1600! Get your
colleagues and friends to come together, and get a further 10% off, on top
of your current savings! Click here to sign up now!

If your company contributes to HRDF (PSMB), do let your manager know that
this program is 100% claimable. Contact one of our training consultants at
[training at plaseed.com], and we will walk them through the claiming process.

Don’t procrastinate (yes, we will work on that too)! Sign up for this
training workshop now.
At the end of the day, being part of the F.O.C.U.S.E.D. experience enables
you to gain back the control of your life. There should only be one driver
of you in your life, and that you. Time to take charge! Time to get

Looking forward to see you at the training!

Best regards,
Maverick Foo

P.S. Motivational speakers always tell you that you must live to your
maximum potential. Reality sinks in, and we go back to our normal routine.
It’s bitter to accept that sometimes, but deep down you know that what
that speaker say is true. You know you are meant to do great things, and
you want believe it 100%. Every morning when you look at the mirror after
you’re all dressed up for work, it’s there. Every day on your drive to
work, when you look at the rearview mirror in your car and caught a glimpse
of yourself, it’s there. Every month when you’re handed your salary
slip, it’s there. It’s telling you that you deserve better out of life,
and you can! All you need, seriously, is just to get F.O.C.U.S.E.D.!

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