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How can your manufacturing business best streamline operations in a 
fragmented, global environment?

To successfully compete, you need to collaborate with suppliers and 
partners around the globe. But how do you effectively manage the 
multiple time zones, cultural differences, regulatory requirements, 
and the large physical distances involved?

Find out in the webcast Top 5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Streamline 
Your Supply Chain.

You'll learn about the benefits of cloud technology, and its ability 
to centralize manufacturing processes and streamline collaboration 
under one "virtual" roof.

Also in this webcast:

- overcoming the challenge of geographically dispersed facilities, 
staff, suppliers, and partners; 
- how cloud technology helps manufacturers improve collaboration and 
develop a single source of truth; 
- interviews with manufacturers on how cloud technology has improved 
the way they run their businesses; and 
- a roundtable discussion with subject-matter experts and executives 
on cloud computing's role in the manufacturing industry. 

Learn how cloud computing can help solve the problems inherent in a global supply chain.

Register for Top 5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Streamline Your Supply Chain today.

Event date: February 14, 2011, 1 PM Eastern Standard Time

Sponsored by SAP


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