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Top ERP and BI Primers

Executive Guides
February 2011

Download these free ERP and BI reports

ERP Systems Market Primer
Focus Research
Though most companies know about the benefits of enterprise resource 
planning (ERP), many lack awareness about how to evaluate products or 
when the time is right to upgrade change solutions. Moreover, they may 
not be up to date with the latest ERP features, market trends, and other 
essential information. Focus's ERP System Market Primer offers necessary 
background knowledge on ERP to potential buyers and sales executives. 


Mid-market/Enterprise ERP Solution Comparison Guide
Focus Research
Once you've surveyed the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market and 
prioritized your business needs, this comparison guide from Focus 
Research can help you craft your best possible shortlist of candidate 
offerings and vendors. 


Garbage In, Garbage Out: Getting Good Data Out of Your BI Systems
Focus Research
A big topic in business intelligence (BI) is the importance of 
"data quality" - cleaning data so that errors and inconsistencies are 
eliminated as much as possible. But what many users don't realize is 
that this is just a part of a larger problem: How do you get the most 
out of business-relevant data floating around, inside and outside the 
organization? Discover the importance of clean data, and learn how to 
achieve it.


Raising your Business Intelligence Quotient: 5 Things Your Company Can 
Do Now
Focus Research
This brief aims to introduce the notion of business intelligence (BI) 
quotient (BIQ) and how it can be used as a metric for accelerating the 
time to insight and keeping the customer/end-user in perspective. It 
lists five best practices companies can follow right now to improve BIQ, 
discusses top products, costs, and vendor considerations, and provides 
buying advice directly from buyers-including worksheets every buyer needs.



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