ERP Failure: When Best Practices Meet Real Life

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Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)
February 21, 2011
Vol.4 Issue 22

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**ERP Failure: When Best Practices Meet Real Life**
Why do ERP projects fail so consistently? Many explanations have been 
put forward through the years, but here's one that may finally unravel 
the mystery. In today's blog post, learn why the focus on ERP failure 
is fundamentally misdirected--and what must be done to finally stop ERP 
systems from disappointing and frustrating both management and end 
users alike.

*Contract Lifecycle Management Software: A Must-have for Your Company?*
Is ERP suitable for managing contracts? Not if you're handling a large 
volume of complex agreements, says Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic. 
In P.J.'s latest report, learn all about contract lifecycle management 
(CLM) software?and how it can make sure you get what you're due, while 
safeguarding against legal, compliance, and governance problems.

*Industry Insider*
Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic's take on the state of enterprise 
software today:
One Vendor's Mission to Make Service Businesses Click (Part 3)

*Comparing ERP Systems?* 
Compare leading ERP systems, based on your organization's needs and 
characteristics. It's fast, online, and easy, and you'll see the 
results immediately.

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