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Did you know that TEC makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to compare business 
software solutions?
1.In mere minutes, compare solutions from these top vendors: Microsoft, 
SAP, NetSuite, Sage, Pronto, ABAS, Exact, PRELYTIS, Oracle, QlikTech 
International, MicroStrategy, Deltek, Infor, and many more.
2.Base your comparison on your specific needs: company size, industry, 
business model, geographical markets, IT platform and requirements, etc.
3.Get the results immediately-for free.

Comparing software solutions can be difficult and time-consuming, but at 
TEC it's quick and easy. 

Use these links to begin your fast, free business software 
comparison(s) today:
- ERP for small and mid-sized businesses

- ERP for service companies

- ERP for manufacturing companies

- Business intelligence (BI) for all business types

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