Content Is King: Applying Intelligence to Unstructured Data

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Impartial Software Evaluation and Analysis
February 25, 2011, Vol.4 Issue 23

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*Content Is King: Applying Intelligence to Unstructured Data*
How are companies dealing with today's virtual explosion of 
data? Learn about the latest information management 
techniques, as TEC analyst Jorge García looks at the tools 
and software solutions designed to harvest and analyze 
data of all types and description: internal and external, 
structured and unstructured, social and corporate.

*Taking Measures for Success: How to Choose Software 
that Meets Your Needs*
Software implementation failure can cost time, money, and 
jobs. To help ensure your company gets the software 
solution that truly matches its needs, it's critical to get the 
requirements analysis right. Learn how-in this informative 
TEC report that examines the ins and outs of successful 
requirements gathering and analysis.

*Industry Insider: Mid-market ERP Vendors Leveraging (and 
Occasionally Outdoing!) Microsoft's "Plumbing" (Part 2)*

*Comparing BI Software?* 
Compare BI Software, based on your organization's needs 
and characteristics. It's fast, online, and easy, and you'll see 
the results immediately.
**IT White Papers**

*Garbage In, Garbage Out: Getting Good Data Out of 
Your BI Systems*

*Top 10 Must-have Business Phone Features*

*Exposing the Hidden Costs of Supply Chain Execution
and Warehouse Management Software*

*ERP and BI: When 1+1=3*

*6 Game-changers about SaaS*

*Lean Operations: Software Strategies for 
Manufacturing's New Normal*

*Fraud Alert: The Latest Phishing Tactics and Potential 
Business Impact*

*Lean Enterprise in Complex ETO*
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