Secrets to Choosing Cloud-based ERP for Manufacturing

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SaaS-based software for manufacturers? The idea is rapidly gaining 
ground as manufacturers become aware of all the benefits a 
cloud-based ERP system can bring to their operations.  

In the webcast Secrets to Choosing Cloud-based ERP for Manufacturing, 
learn how to select and evaluate a cloud-based ERP system to streamline 
your manufacturing operation across the supply chain

Webcast includes:

- cloud technology's impact on improving manufacturing business 
- what you need to take into account when evaluating cloud-based ERP, 
- real-life examples of a cloud-based ERP system evaluation and 
selection, and 
- a roundtable discussion with subject-matter experts and executives on 
evaluating and selecting cloud-based ERP for manufacturers.

Learn how zero in on the right cloud-based ERP system for your company's 

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Event date: March 15, 2011, 1 PM Eastern Standard Time

Sponsored by SAP


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