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January 25, 2011     
Volume 4, Issue 10


The 2011 Focus Experts' Guide to Enterprise Resource Planning
-Focus Research
Despite being a backbone enterprise application, enterprise resource planning
(ERP) is often misunderstood. This paper provides a summary of
current market conditions and trends as well as essentials of the ERP
buying process. It depicts ways to compare solutions and suppliers in
light of your specific requirements. See how Focus experts demystify
ERP so you can make an informed buying decision for your organization.
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>From Sentiment to Insight-How Social Networking Can Support Engaged, 
Customer-Centric Retailing
The advent of social networking sites can help shed light into the dynamics
of customer demand. Retailers can choose to tap into consumer sentiment
as expressed on social media networks and get personal with the
right customers through the use of sophisticated technology to turn "unstructured"
sentiment into usable data that can then be meshed with
other internal information to create business insights. Find out how.
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Avoiding the Hazards of IT Consolidation
-Riverbed Technology
Research shows widespread IT spending on data center transformation, IT
consolidation, and server virtualization. This reduces costs and streamlines
operations, right? In theory, yes. But many consolidation projects
suffer planning and implementation issues that ultimately impact
application performance and user productivity-especially for remote and
mobile users. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of IT consolidation. 
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The Best-of-class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms
-Technology Evaluation Centers
This white paper features insight from the UNIT4 group about issues facing
companies that need an adaptable financial system but not necessarily
a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Also included
are TEC's suggestions for identifying financial system functionality
that supports your organization's changing processes, and a checklist
for soliciting such information about enterprise software solutions.
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Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence
Our global study of small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers worldwide
revealed the industry is struggling with increasing complexity, global
competition, rapidly changing business environments, and volatile
raw materials prices. While manufacturers worldwide face similar challenges,
this study clarifies how strategic initiatives and priorities
vary by sector, geography, and job description. 
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9 Important Business Phone System Buyer Questions
Learn about the most important factors that go into buying the right phone
system, such as scalability, compatibilities, how to negotiate pricing,
and more. This white paper and demo are designed to help you be
an informed buyer. Whether yours is a small, medium, or large-sized business,
you'll want to know the nine key questions to ask sales reps to
get the best deal on the right phone system for your needs. 
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Five Reasons You Can't Afford to Postpone Your Labor Management Project
-HighJump Software
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A Road Map to Data Migration Success
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Lean Operations: Software Strategies for Manufacturing's New Normal
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