Core Skills for Administrative Professionals

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Core Skills for Administrative Employees     
Monday - Tuesday, 19th - 20th September 2011, 9.00am - 5.00pm, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala

The roles of secretaries/personal assistants have undergone remarkable transformation and
increasingly they have been called to take on more challenging administrative/managerial
responsibilities. These new roles require them to be excellent communicators, able administrators,
good organisers, diplomats, decision makers and productivity-oriented individuals.
Secretaries/Personal assistants have to understand their bosses and help in all ways to increase
their managerial effectiveness. In essence, these personnel have to work to become effective
administrators. This course is designed to develop the core skills necessary for modern
secretaries/personal assistants to function well in highly competitive and demanding business

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
- Understand the changing roles of the secretary/personal assistant in a dynamic business
- Refine their organising skills
- Make more effective use of their time, identify and sort out priorities
- Acquire administrative management skills
- Overcome communication barriers and become more effective communicators
- Build a positive and healthy relationship with their boss, clients and colleagues
- Provide excellent customer service

Programme Outline:

Administrative Skills
- Changing role of the secretary/personal assistant
- Effective telephone techniques
- Interviewing and selection skills
- Effective writing skills

Relationship Management
- Cultivating relationships
- Anticipating your boss's needs
- Handling awkward situations
- Managing colleagues

Time Management
- Goal setting
- Identify time wasters

- Time planning and scheduling
- Strategies for eliminating time wasters

Interpersonal Skills
- Communication assumptions
- Self-concept - Johari Window
- Perception skills
- Skills in describing one's feelings
- Listening and responding skills
- Questioning skills
- Information sharing
- Persuasion skills
- Conflict resolution
- Transactional analysis

Registration fee: RM1800.00 (Includes documentation, refreshments and lunch)

For more information or to receive a brochure, please contact Ms Kuan Yee Lin at (65) 63348311 or
kuanyeelin at

We look forward to your participation in this seminar.

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