Business Value of Network and Application Visibility

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Networks have become central to a company's ability to create new 
products and services, enter new markets, and develop new partnerships.

But what are the business drivers and challenges facing network 
administrators? And how are companies leveraging their networks for 
competitive advantage?

Find out in Achieving Business Value with Network and Application 

In this IDC report based on a survey of Riverbed Cascade users, 
you'll discover how businesses were able to achieve:

- 3-year ROI of 365% and a payback period of 5.5 months
- 34% fewer downtime incidents per month
- 2.1 hour mean time to repair, down from 12.8 
- 87% reduction in duration of help desk calls
- $53,431 savings per year on server purchases

Find out how your company can achieve similar results through 
effective network and application management.

Download your PDF copy of Achieving Business Value with Network 
and Application Visibility today.


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