Budgeting: Beyond Spreadsheets

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March 05, 2011     
Volume 4, Issue 23


Budgeting: Beyond Spreadsheets
Financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting can be an endless and arid
process for business professionals. Spreadsheet-based planning can
prove to be confusing and unorganized, which only costs the company more
time and money. IBM's Cognos software can help not only reduce the
time spent on planning processes, but also build complex business models
and perform 'what if' scenarios, enhancing strategic decision making.
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What the CEO Needs from Human Resources
The current economic environment has forced chief executive officers (CEOs)
to focus almost all of their attention on revenues and profitability.
They must be very aware of what competitors are doing-and competitors
can be anywhere in the world. And, they need to be aware of changing
regulations and tax issues. Find out what executives need from human
resources (HR) to make well-informed decisions about their workforce.
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Delivering Superior Customer Value in Insurance
Effective management of customer data is a critical success factor for
insurers. To provide products and service that stand out from the crowd,
insurers need a 360-degree view of each customer that covers his or
her entire experience with the company. Read this white paper on how
information technology that supports tightly integrated, end-to-end business
processes can increase insurer responsiveness and customer loyalty.
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The 2011 Focus Experts' Guide to Enterprise Resource Planning
-Focus Research
Despite being a backbone enterprise application, enterprise resource 
planning (ERP) is often misunderstood. This paper provides a summary of
current market conditions and trends as well as essentials of the ERP
buying process. It depicts ways to compare solutions and suppliers in
light of your specific requirements. See how Focus experts demystify ERP
so you can make an informed buying decision for your organization.
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How to Address the Two Key Challenges with Virtualization
-Riverbed Technology
The amount of data and IT assets stored outside corporate data centers
has risen significantly, and IT managers are now looking to consolidate
their IT infrastructure. This paper examines the trends toward server
consolidation and virtualization, and how wide area network (WAN) optimization
can help IT organizations address the challenges of application
performance and information availability within these environments.
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9 Important Business Phone System Buyer Questions
Learn about the most important factors that go into buying the right phone
system, such as scalability, compatibilities, how to negotiate pricing,
and more. This white paper and demo are designed to help you be
an informed buyer. Whether yours is a small, medium, or large-sized business,
you'll want to know the nine key questions to ask sales reps to
get the best deal on the right phone system for your needs. 
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ERP and BI: When 1+1=3
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