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Cover your latest hot issues at the Gartner BI Summit: next-generation 
business analytics, BI road maps, linking BI to business strategy and 
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Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011

May 2 - 4, 2011 * Los Angeles, CA *

Has your organization started to create a collaborative 
decision-making environment?


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Many BI initiatives become yet another complex technology investment that 
delivers too little and too late, due to costs, skills and cultural issues. 
Don't let your enterprise become a statistic.

BI efforts will continue to grow over the next 12-18 months, as 
organizations improve performance by more effectively using BI to manage 
and optimize decision processes and outcomes. The Gartner Business Intelligence 
Summit, May 2 - 4, in Los Angeles, CA, will show you how to implement BI and 
business analytics initiatives that drive better decision making and business 
performance across the organization, and more.


Hot topics and related sessions covered at the summit Next-generation 
business analytics

Improved data integration and next-generation analytics facilitate faster, 
smarter and more consistent decision making, and superior business 
- The Continuing Convergence of Business Intelligence and Business 
- Key Issues for Models, Strategies and Options for Saas BI/PM/Analytics
- Adding More Analysis to Reporting-Centric BI Programs
- Extreme Data: Challenges and Opportunities For Large-Scale Analytics

Defining the right metrics 

Putting the business performance and metrics in place will increase the 
business relevance and alignment.
- Metrics: Selecting the Right Business Measures
- Leveraging Leading Indicators for Better Performance Management

BI road maps

Making sure you have the right product road map in place can minimize 
upgrade and integration complexities in the future.
- BI and Performance Management: Market Trends and Dynamics
- BI and Performance Management: IT Services Trends and Vendors
- Assessing BI Platform Ownership Cost (BIPOC)
- The Grand Challenges of Information Management: Innovating to Make Your 
Infrastructure and Users Smarter

BI architectures

Choosing the right BI strategy architecture and solution can avoid very 
costly investments.
- Enterprise Information Architecture and Enterprise Information Management

Linking BI to business strategy

The intelligent enterprise requires a mix of business and technology and 
puts new demands on BI leaders who can effectively exploit information 
and analytics to manage their operations and make smarter and better 
- Decision Support 2.0: Maximizing Decision Impact With Collaborative 
Decision Making
- BI Competency Centers: The Decision Effectiveness Engine
- From Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business
- Engaging the CFO: Putting CPM and BI in Action


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See a sample presentation from the 2010 Summit 
Data Warehousing, Data Services and Information Infrastructure: How To 
Make Them Work Together 

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Join us for a full week. Stay for the Gartner MDM summit, May 4 - 6.

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Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011
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The must-attend event for business and IT executives tasked with integrating 
information, analysis and business processes to drive better decisions and 
business performance.


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