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March 17, 2011     
Volume 4, Issue 29


NetSuite Two-tier ERP Strategy Kit
If you are a multi-company enterprise, then this Two-tier ERP Strategy
Kit will show you how to grow your satellite divisions while cutting
costs. Including analyst research, whitepapers, and real-world case studies,
this Kit shows how you can equip your subsidiaries with a more
agile, flexible cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system while
maintaining your headquarters on-premise ERP instance of SAP or Oracle.
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Safe and Reliable Asset Management in Nuclear Power Plants
This white paper presents an overview of IFS Applications for asset management
of nuclear power plants, including corrective, preventive, and
condition-based maintenance functionality for safe work management in
a hazardous environment. Also included are asset lifecycle management
tools to track changes to the assets that affect operational limits and
conditions (OLCs). 
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Garbage In, Garbage Out: Getting Good Data Out of Your BI Systems
-Focus Research
A big topic in business intelligence (BI) is the importance of "data 
quality"-cleaning data so that errors and inconsistencies are eliminated
as much as possible. But what many users don't realize is that this is
just a part of a larger problem: How do you get the most out of business-relevant
data floating around, inside and outside the organization?
Discover the importance of clean data, and learn how to achieve it.
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Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence
Our global study of small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers worldwide
revealed the industry is struggling with increasing complexity, global
competition, rapidly changing business environments, and volatile
raw materials prices. While manufacturers worldwide face similar challenges,
this study clarifies how strategic initiatives and priorities
vary by sector, geography, and job description. 
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The SaaS Advantage
-Plex Systems
More providers of traditional software solutions are moving to software-as-a-service
(SaaS) models that meet today's competitive needs for agility
and real-time information, without requiring manufacturers to make
a large up-front financial outlay. Confidence continues to increase
thanks to pioneering SaaS providers who are able to point to a history
of successful implementation. Learn more about the benefits of SaaS.
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Centralized Data Backup: It Doesn't Have to Cripple Your WAN
-Riverbed Technology
The need to be close to customers, manufacturing facilities, and specialized
labor requires organizations to extend the concept of headquarters
to many locations. But managing a global workforce means dealing with
data sprawl, and having data recovery and security plans for every
part of the organization. Learn how wide-area network (WAN) technology
can help you develop a scalable and secure data protection model. 
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Think Your Organization Is Too Small for ERP? Think Again
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Managing Change Effectively with ERP: The Impact on 5 Key Business Functions
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Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence
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