Protecting and Nurturing Your Brand in a Time of Crisis

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March 19, 2011     
Volume 4, Issue 30


Protecting and Nurturing Your Brand: Maintain and Grow Brand Value in a 
Time of Crisis
A strong brand can help achieve price premiums, retain customers, and
attract top talent. But in times of economic instability, many companies
trim costs around efforts such as brand building. Downturns, however,
can be opportunities to strengthen brands--customer habits change, there
is competitive consolidation, and new markets open. A number of brands
will succeed in the downturn. Find out how yours can be among them.
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NetSuite Two-tier ERP Strategy Kit
If you are a multi-company enterprise, then this Two-tier ERP Strategy
Kit will show you how to grow your satellite divisions while cutting costs.
Including analyst research, whitepapers, and real-world case studies,
this Kit shows how you can equip your subsidiaries with a more agile,
flexible cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system while maintaining
your headquarters on-premise ERP instance of SAP or Oracle.
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Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyer's Guide
-Focus Research
For all but the smallest organizations, an enterprise resource planning
(ERP) system promises big gains, helping to grow revenue, increase productivity
company-wide, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise,
and manage costs. In this guide, you'll find details on what to look
for in a midmarket ERP package, the benefits it should bring to your midsize
company, and what you need to know before you commit to a solution.
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Safe and Reliable Asset Management in Nuclear Power Plants
This white paper presents an overview of IFS Applications for asset management
of nuclear power plants, including corrective, preventive, and
condition-based maintenance functionality for safe work management in
a hazardous environment. Also included are asset lifecycle management
tools to track changes to the assets that affect operational limits and
conditions (OLCs). 
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Buyer's Guide to Business Phone Systems
-Cisco Systems Inc.
Purchasing new business phones often coincides with a major change of direction
at most companies. Choosing between a business Voice over Internet
protocol (VOIP) system and other types of business phone systems
often requires analysis of users' needs and understanding of a company's
goals. Read here to know why expert business phone system buyers recommend
focusing on four major areas of the decision-making process.
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Core HR Systems: Flawless Execution Enabling Strategic HR Management
Human resources (HR) professionals are tasked with ensuring employee needs
are fulfilled and employer interests are protected. Management of
core employee data, such as record-keeping, time and attendance, and payroll
processing, is a cornerstone of every HR operation, and the way
companies collect and maintain such data is critical. Find out what core
HR management capabilities and systems today's companies are using.
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Think Your Organization Is Too Small for ERP? Think Again
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Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence
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NetSuite Two-tier ERP Strategy Kit
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