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Performance Under Pressure: Managing Stress in Workplace

It seems that everyone in today's workplace is under pressure and emotionally stressed - your employees included. On any given day, they may be feeling the stress of unclear expectations, too much work, long hours, rude customers, company policies, urgent deadlines, co-workers who make careless mistakes, and not forgetting the latest buzz word:  KPIs.


If not managed correctly, stress can result in angry outbursts, hurt feelings, diminished productivity, absenteeism, resignations - even violence. When an employee over whom you have direct supervisory authority is suffering the effects of poorly managed stress, you must take action to help.


The uniqueness of our programme is that we start with our Drum Circle Playshop (DCP) and drumming as well as rhythm have been well researched medically to promote emotional and physical wellness. Our Performance Under Pressure (PUP) module will then be linked to lessons learned and experienced from the Drum Circle Playshop.


Our 2 - 3 Days Teambuilding With Purpose (TWP) In-House programme will cover:-

Drum Circle Playshop ( - promotes teamwork, strengthening relationships, mutual acceptance, communication  and friendship;
Understanding emotions and the dangers of toxic negative emotions;
Learn Best-Practices, tools and actions for reducing stress, alleviating the effects of stress and intervening to help "stressed-out" employees or colleagues;
Better understanding of anger and the Key to Anger Management
Costs and Benefits of anger at the workplace 
Diagnosing anger and the root causes
Ways to deal with personal anger, angry individuals and anger in your team or organisation


As our finale, we will end with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Module. Participants will learn the simple hands-on approach to resolve the effects of past emotional issues, which if left unattended, will affect their behaviour, their work performance, career and even their family life.


Our programmes are all customised based on client's needs. We will be happy to meet up with you to discuss your needs.

TEL: 03-77104752/3152 (Dr. Allen Teh)

Email: drallenteh at (Laser Tag)


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