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March 30, 2011, Vol.4 Issue 38

*Getting Your Money's Worth from a Consultant*
When you hire a consultant, you want to get the most for your dollars. But how do you 
make sure things go as smoothly as possible when the consultant finally arrives at 
your company's door? 

TEC's Chris Tanner offers some practical tips and advice on how to make sure you get 
the maximum benefit--with the minimum amount of hassle--the next time you opt for a 
consultant's services.

*Are ERP Workarounds a Terrific Way of Shooting Yourself in the Foot?*
Love 'em or not, ERP workarounds are a fact of life for most companies. But are they 
really a necessary evil--or can they be avoided altogether? Two TEC analysts weigh in 
on this question, and come up with very different answers. 

You be the judge. Do ERP workarounds come with the territory, or is there a way to 
exist happily without them?

*Is Tier-one ERP All It's Cracked Up to Be?* 
Simply take a few minutes to build a profile of your requirements, and you'll find out.

Compare tier-one systems to more affordable alternatives. You'll learn if the tier-one 
vendors offer you killer functionality you just can't do business without.

Or just overkill. Compare ERP systems now.


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