March/April Business Card Giveaway

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Wed Mar 30 22:30:36 UTC 2011

March/April Special
250 Free Business Cards from

>From now till the end of April, we're offering you, our valued customer, a free
set of 250 QR ("Quick Response") business cards.  Come over to our website
today and check out our Business Card Creator, and create your 250 cards
with a few clicks of your mouse.

Build your card any way you want it.        
Our interactive Card Builder is as fun as it is powerful.  Type in your information 
and watch your QR Code be created in Real Time.  Change the background, 
layout, and even font color.

The Power of QR Codes.
With a QR-enabled business card, your clients and friends can add your 
contact information directly to their cell phone with the click of a button.  
You don't even have to give the card away if you don't want to.

Q r a h . n e t   6 7   E a s t   S t .   G e o r g e ,   U T   8 4 7 7 0
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