cnfsstat issue?

Jesse Rehmer jesse.rehmer at
Fri Mar 1 21:42:05 UTC 2013

Okay, at first I thought it was a case of not enough articles written 
out, but now I'm seeing this happen again and it has been several hours 
with thousands of messages written to the buffer but I'm still seeing 
this with with cnfsstat -a:

  Buffer bin06, size:  8.00 GBytes, position:  6.76 GBytes  0.84 cycles
   Newest: 2013-03-01  1:22:58,    0 days, 14:03:37 ago
   Oldest: 2013-02-28  7:11:48,    1 days,  8:14:47 ago

I can see that there have been thousands of articles going into that buffer:

[news at nnrp db]$ tail -10000 history | cut -f 3 > arts
[news at nnrp db]$ for i in `cat arts`; do sm -c $i;done | grep bin06 | wc -l

This seems to happen after INN has been running for a day or more.  I'm 
also not seeing the position increment either and I think I've had 
enough news come through that it should have moved on to the next buffer 
in the metabuff.  I'm at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this further, 
but I have a feeling it starts after news.daily runs because the stamp 
for the newest article is right around that time last night.

Any ideas?


Jesse Rehmer wrote:
> Hi Julien,
>> First output ("cnfsstat") seems to have been run at 14:59:06.
>> Second output ("cnfsstat -a") at 14h59h46.  Looks like an article was 
>> received between the two runs (?)
> The two commands were ran a few seconds apart.  I tried this multiple 
> times with the same result.  I'm having a derp moment, because I just 
> realized that the header is not written back to disk until 25 articles 
> have been written.  In my case alt.bin* is very low volume and likely 
> did not have 25 articles written to disk in between these times.  I 
> think I need more coffee.  :-)
> Cheers,
> Jesse
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