[INN] #118: Parameter for the timeout of external auth programs

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Thu Apr 2 19:43:52 UTC 2015

#118: Parameter for the timeout of external auth programs
 Reporter:  iulius       |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  low          |   Milestone:  2.6.1
Component:  nnrpd        |     Version:
 Severity:  wishlist     |  Resolution:
 Keywords:               |
Changes (by iulius):

 * milestone:   => 2.6.1


 Worthwhile doing it, as it was asked again in news.software.nntp in
 February 2015.

 <news:cjffocF6u5bU1 at mid.individual.net>

 [Julien ÉLIE]
 >> I'm running an INN 2.5.3 server, and I need to extend the timeout that
 >> nnrpd waits for a response from an external authenticator (e.g.
 >> ckpasswd). This seems to be hard-coded as 5 seconds.
 >> It looks like the relevant variable is tv.tv_sec, which is set to 5 on
 >> line 205 in auth-ext.c.
 > Yep, that's the hard-coded value.  A comment a bit above says:
 > "Currently, use a hard-coded five-second timeout for all programs.  This
 > might need to be configurable later."
 >> Can I simply increase this value and recompile to extend the timeout,
 >> or will the cause other problems?
 > After digging a bit in the code that calls handle_output() and
 > auth_external(), I do not see a reason why increasing this value
 > would not work.
 > Just keep it under the value of clienttimeout in inn.conf (which is very
 > large anyway) and the 5 minutes of DEFAULT_TIMEOUT in

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