[INN] #29: Support installation in FHS paths

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Fri May 1 09:11:25 UTC 2015

#29: Support installation in FHS paths
 Reporter:  eagle        |       Owner:  eagle
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  medium       |   Milestone:  2.6.1
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Comment (by iulius):

 (In [9832]) Improve DESTDIR support and non-root installs

 DESTDIR and non-root installs are now properly supported and documented
 in INSTALL.  The "make install", "make update" and "make cert" steps
 properly obey DESTDIR.  Besides, it is no longer a requirement that
 the installation step be done by the superuser, as long as the user
 executing the install has supplied a DESTDIR value that points to a
 writable directory, *and* the person or process performing the install
 corrects the file ownerships when INN is installed on the system on
 which it's going to run.

 chown and chgrp commands are now executed during install only if the
 current user is root.  INSTALL also documents how to disable them,
 if needed, with the CHOWNPROG and CHGRPPROG environment variables.

 makedbz is executed only if the current user is root or the news user.

 innupgrade is now executed also when DESTDIR is in use.

 Thanks to James Ralston for most of the patch.

 see #29

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