[INN-COMMITTERS] inn/lib (Makefile remopen.c setenv.c)

kondou at vix.com kondou at vix.com
Tue Dec 14 04:21:05 UTC 1999

  Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 @ 20:21:05
Author: kondou

Update of /dist1/cvs/isc/inn/inn/lib
     from pub3.rc.vix.com:/dist1/isc/kondou/CURRENT/inn/lib

Modified Files:
	Makefile remopen.c setenv.c 

-----------------------------  Log Message  -----------------------------

	- drop '$*.c' from target '.c.o'(this led make error for some make)
	- netinet/in.h needs to be included prior to including arpa/inet.h for
	  some OSes
	- some headers need to be included for successful compilation

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