[INN-COMMITTERS] inn/doc/pod (install.pod)

rra at vix.com rra at vix.com
Sat Oct 9 06:40:27 UTC 1999

  Date: Friday, October  8, 1999 @ 23:40:27
Author: rra

Update of /dist1/cvs/isc/inn/inn/doc/pod
     from pub3.rc.vix.com:/tmp/cvs-serv7458/doc/pod

Modified Files:

-----------------------------  Log Message  -----------------------------

Removed the note about gmake in site/do-subst.sh since that no longer
exists.  Added documentation of --with-innd-port and added the
documentation of --with-syslog-facility to the POD version.  Removed
the FIXME concerning the S flag on the innfeed sample feed; I don't think
we want that for the common case.  Changed the recommended Solaris file
descriptor limit to 256 from 1024 and included a note about the dangers
of increasing it over 256.

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