[INN-COMMITTERS] inn/innd (python.c status.c)

kondou at vix.com kondou at vix.com
Sun Oct 10 00:58:18 UTC 1999

  Date: Saturday, October  9, 1999 @ 17:58:18
Author: kondou

Update of /dist1/cvs/isc/inn/inn/innd
     from pub3.rc.vix.com:/dist1/isc/kondou/CURRENT/inn/innd

Modified Files:
	python.c status.c 

-----------------------------  Log Message  -----------------------------

	- From: greg andruk <meowing at banet.net>
	- Add a msg hash function, tweak the art buffer to work with it, and
	  make the new FromWireFmt stuff work
	- From: rmtodd at skywalker.ecn.ou.edu (Richard Todd)
	- Sometimes the 'size' variable in innd/status.c was zero, causing
	  divide-by-zero errors when computing the percentages

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