[INN-COMMITTERS] STABLE-2_3 inn/samples (control.ctl)

Russ Allbery Russ_Allbery at isc.org
Thu Nov 28 08:54:16 UTC 2002

    Date: Thursday, November 28, 2002 @ 00:54:15
  Author: rra
    Path: /dist1/cvs/isc/inn/inn/samples
     Tag: STABLE-2_3

Modified: control.ctl

Regenerated by a script (that's not yet put somewhere public, so changes
really need to go through usenet-config right now...).  Cleaned up and
made more regular in the way that only an automated process can do.  All
hierarchies with a known control message issuer now also have an entry
to accept checkgroups messages from that issuer or issuers.  * is used as
a wildcard instead of *@*.  The wording for local, private, and defunct
hierarchies has been regularized (losing tiny bits of information in some
cases).  Some URLs which are no longer valid were removed.  Administrative
groups added to the comments for some hierarchies.  Broke the regular and
alt portions in some hierarchies into separate entries.

 control.ctl |  813 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 1 files changed, 503 insertions(+), 310 deletions(-)

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